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The TOO TUFF Wear Extreme Athlete Community is a comprehensive list of sponsored Extreme Athletes including; MMA Fighters, Rodeo, Motocross, Body Builders and Race Cars. Search the Extreme Athlete Community for athletic statistics, management contacts, bios, pictures and forum posts.

How to support your favorite Extreme Athlete:

1. Click the "Search" button below to find your athlete's profile.
2. When you arrive at their profile, find & click on their "Support Me" link.
3. You will be redirected to the TOO TUFF Wear Store.
4. If you choose to purchase TOO TUFF Wear merch, we will pay your athlete 20% of the purchase price!

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Image Name Community Competitive Stats
Ryan Brantley
State: GA
Competition Categories: Fitness
Status: Amateur
Gym: Powerhouse Gym
Carey Perkins II
City: Huntsville
State: AL
Fight Style: MMA
Status: Amateur
Gym: Lights Out MMA & American Ju Jitsu
Jeremy Davis
The Beast
City: Largo
State: Fl
Fight Style: MMA
Status: Amateur
Gym: Gracie Tampa West
Katelynn Muir
Katey Muir
City: Westover
State: Md
Rodeo Events: Barrel Racing
Status: Amateur
Trevor Moden
City: Coshocton
State: Oh
Rodeo Events: Bull Riding
Status: Amateur
Alex Rockstrom
City: Spokane
State: wa
Fight Style: Wrestling
Status: Amateur
Gym: Spokane school of boxing mma
Zane Gookin
City: Modesto
State: Ca
Status: Amateur

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